About Us

I have been a fan of Japanese sports cars for longer than I would care to remember and began researching the Japanese export market about 2 years ago. After countless fruitless leads I made contact with Braveutointernational and was immediately impressed with their attenion to detail and professional approach which set them apart from other Japanese exporters. I made my first import from them 18 months ago and was thouroughly satisfied with the car and how easy the whole process was. I set up my company Braveauto(UK) to act as their UK agent to help other people who want to import a car into the UK.

Through our partnership we have access to all the “dealer only” auctions in Japan so we can source any make and model. We only consider the higher grade auction cars (grade 4 or above) and any car we purchase goes through a strict inspection system, if there are any minor faults they are fixed before it is offered for sale.

We handle all the shipping and import to the UK, payment of import duty and VAT, UK registration with the DVLA, MOT, and conversion of the car to UK spec (fog lights and speedometer etc). Cars are serviced in the UK using quality parts and can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

If you are interested in buying your next car from Japan then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.